One of the deciding factors when upgrading my phone to an LG V20 was the free 360 camera that was bundled with it. 

AR, VR and 360 technologies are becoming more accessible to the public so I’m keen to see how we can incorporate this into our service offering.

The image above was captured while taking 360 images of a client’s offices. We’re in the process of a major rebrand and the client wants to see what branded wallpaper will look like in their boardroom and meeting rooms. I’m going to add the graphics onto the images taken so the client can see how it looks before making the decision.

If you’re viewing this on a mobile platform, click on the full screen icon on the bottom right of the image. Move the device around to see the image. 

In terms of quality, the 360 camera is pretty rudimentary and is targeted at casual users (think epic selfies). There are no manual controls and there is a significant amount of chromatic aberration straight out of the camera. The aberrations can be fixed in Adobe Photoshop but there is a significant amount of noise in low-light shots. 

The image is embedded here using Google VR technology.