bizAR Reality Logo Design

bizAR Reality Logo Design

bizAR Reality is a company involved in augmented and virtual reality technology. The eye icon is also used as an app icon on mobile platforms. Check out the website we designed for them.

The square graphic on the back of the business card (below) is what is known as a marker. The mobile app reads the marker with the device camera and content is displayed on the mobile screen. 

bizAR Reality business card design

Taigan M-Stretch Brand Refresh

Taigan M-Stretch Logo Redesign and Brand Refresh

Taigan M-Stretch sells industrial stretch film. This is the logo redesign we created for the company.

Here are links to an advert we designed as well as their website design and development.

Armco Superlite Refresh

Armco Logo Refresh

This is a corporate identity refresh for Armco Superlite. Armco’s core business focus is in hot dip galvanising and the incorporation of the “A” icon signifies the dipping process. Below is the CI applied to the business card and letterhead designs.

Armco Superlite Business Card Design

Armco Superlite Letterhead Design

Senhor Calisto’s Design Study

Senhor Calisto's Logo Design

Senhor Calisto’s Fast Food Outlets commissioned us to do a design study on how we saw the brand evolving. We presented this playful but impactful concept of how we would have liked the brand to evolve.

If you’re familiar with the franchise (and their fabulous Portuguese restaurants) you’ll notice that there are a few of our design elements that have been adopted by the company. The typeface has now been changed although we much prefer the edits we made to the type. The edits include the “st” ligature and the “i”.

Senhor Calisto's Packaging Design

Senhor Calistos Presentation